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Senate Joint Resolution 37

National Resolution of Apology to the Native Americans

Greetings Senator Sessions!

Thank you for your willing service to our state and nation!

I have worked very closely in the state of Alabama with Native Americans, including native leadership from Oklahoma whose roots are from this area of the nation, and have become astonishingly aware of how deep and raw the wounds still are from what has occurred in our nation's history.

I wanted to urge you to PLEASE consider STRONG support for the upcoming Senate Joint Resolution 37 (S.J.Res.37) - the National Resolution of Apology to the Native Americans.

It is very needful for us as a nation to not only sympathize with past wrongs, but to also acknowledge our responsibility in them as a nation.

This is a historic opportunity with tremendous national consequence, especially following the significant step of the opening of the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. This resolution, now following the museum dedication, can provide an unprecedented next step toward healing and reconciliation concerning these things.

It would be an honor for Alabama to provide a strong voice toward national healing in this strategic time, and I would also ask you please consider cosponsoring this resolution.

Thank you for your sincere consideration in this matter.

John Buhler
Alabama State Coordinator
U.S. Strategic Prayer Network

PS We truly believe this resolution is one of a handful of decisions that are soon coming before our national leaders with potentially sweeping national consequence. You may reference information we are distributing here: A Nation at a Crossroads and Informed Action

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