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               A Cry for Justice and a Call to Stand         October 23, 2003



Dear Christian Friend,


A unique event occurred in July 2003 when key leaders, who believed this to be a defining year for this nation, sensed strong direction from the LORD to mobilize pastors, leaders, and congregations across each state. In Alabama, the gatherings included representation from every race, geographic area, ministry focus, gifting, and denomination; church leadership and state leadership, Civil Rights leaders from Selma, and Native American leaders from Oklahoma. All gathered to pray and seek the face of God regarding the state of Alabama. Whether past wrongs suffered by whole races of peoples, or the present crisis in our nation’s courts, a recurring theme emerged regarding past injustice and the cry for justice in this present hour … regarding those who stood firm in the past at great cost, and the call to those who would dare to stand for righteousness “in such a time as this.”


Less than 3 weeks after this gathering was the confrontation in Montgomery that ignited a flame now sweeping through this nation. Because of the common themes, and Judge Moore having been a special guest in the Alabama gatherings, it burned in the heart of several to freely distribute a compact 20-minute video clip to highlight the issue at stake and the necessity of our need to respond. Our hope is this rough grassroots video clip will help fan the flame in some way, and that it would be yet another witness in harmony with the rising trumpet call for the Body of Christ to stand united, and not keep silent. May we honestly consider the consequence of our past silence – whether the removing of prayer then the bible then the commandments from our schools, or the holocaust of the unborn after laws in 50 states were overturned in a single court decision in Roe v. Wade. Justice must return to our nation’s courts …


The issue in Judge Moore’s case is much deeper and more far-reaching than the display of the Ten Commandments in Alabama’s Judicial Building. The issue is the long-standing right/freedom (protected not prohibited by the constitution) for the state/government to acknowledge God publicly. If this is declared to no longer be the case, what follows is nothing less than a castrating of our rights and history - consider the removal of “God” from our National Motto, our Money, our Pledge of Allegiance, “Creator” from the Declaration of Independence, sand-blasting of national memorials to remove quotes whether from the Gettysburg Address or Dr. Martin Luther King’s, “I Have a Dream.” What legacy will we leave our children and our children’s children? Will we give up Our Birthright?




We have some vital information about what is happening and how we may begin to shift this nation if we are willing to respond to this current crisis.  This is in a highly compact presentation of some 22 minutes that has been reduced from about 18 hours of conference proceedings.


Our Birthright

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All you need to do to receive it free of charge and postage paid is tell us your preference, DVD or VHS, and list the desired mailing address. We are not asking for money.  This will be sent to you prepaid by another Christian who feels the message is that important.  In order to help inform and call to action, you may want to show or distribute this to many others (feel free), or you may want to have us ship it to others, or you may prefer to order in bulk and ship it yourself. Please prayerfully consider the cost of doing nothing. May we hear and respond!


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For direct links see this information online at www.calvaryassembly.org/call/Justice.htm


May the Gates of Justice open wide!

 Let justice run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.”