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A Cry for Justice and a Call to Stand                          September 28, 2003


Pastor, Leader, American Citizen -- Called to make a difference!


A unique event occurred in July 2003 when key leaders, who believed this to be a defining year for this nation, sensed strong direction from the LORD to mobilize pastors, leaders, and congregations across each state. In Alabama, the gatherings included representation from every race, geographic area, ministry focus, gifting, and denomination; church leadership and state leadership, Civil Rights leaders from Selma, and Native American leaders from Oklahoma. All gathered to pray and seek the face of God regarding the state of Alabama. Whether past wrongs suffered by whole races of peoples, or the present crisis in our nation’s courts, a recurring theme emerged regarding past injustice and the cry for justice in this present hour … regarding those who stood firm in the past at great cost, and the call to those who would dare to stand for righteousness “in such a time as this.”


Less than 3 weeks after this gathering was the confrontation in Montgomery that ignited a flame now sweeping through this nation. Because of the common themes, and Judge Moore having been a special guest in the Alabama gatherings, it burned in the heart of several to freely distribute a compact 20-minute video clip to highlight the issue at stake and the necessity of our need to respond. Our hope is this rough grassroots video clip will help fan the flame in some way, and that it would be yet another witness in harmony with the rising trumpet call for the Body of Christ to stand united, and not keep silent. May we honestly consider the consequence of our past silence – whether the removing of prayer then the bible then the commandments from our schools, or the holocaust of the unborn after laws in 50 states were overturned in a single court decision in Roe v. Wade. Justice must return to our nation’s courts …


The issue in Judge Moore’s case is much deeper and more far-reaching than the display of the Ten Commandments in Alabama’s Judicial Building. The issue is the long-standing right/freedom (protected not prohibited by the constitution) for the state/government to acknowledge God publicly. If this is declared to no longer be the case, what follows is nothing less than a castrating of our rights and history - consider the removal of “God” from our National Motto, our Money, our Pledge of Allegiance, “Creator” from the Declaration of Independence, sand-blasting of national memorials to remove quotes whether from the Gettysburg Address or Dr. Martin Luther King’s, “I Have a Dream.” What legacy will we leave our children and our children’s children? Will we give up Our Birthright?


John Buhler

Alabama State Coordinator

U.S. Strategic Prayer Network


May the Gates of Justice open wide!

Let justice run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.”



(For direct links see this page online at www.calvaryassembly.org/call/Justice.htm)


Please prayerfully commit to take action in some of the following ways:

1.)    Pray and intercede – both fervent and informed!

2.)    Inform others of the “real” issue and the consequence of silence (there is much lack or misinformation regarding this, even within the church). [Free DVD/VHS video clip to help in this is available by request www.calvaryassembly.org/call/Request.htm]

3.)    Stay informed personally on this matter of national crisis.

4.)    Sign Petitions that are circulating.

a.        http://www.grassfire.net/36/petition.asp

b.        http://www.renewamerica.us/news/030820petitions.htm

5.)    Express support of new bills and legislation protecting these rights.

a.        http://www.family.org/cforum/judicial_tyranny/take_action.cfm

6.)    Communicate (write letters, phone calls, email) and express strongly your convictions to both State and National political leaders.

a.        Executive Branch – Governor and President

b.        Legislative Branch – State and U.S. Representatives

c.        Judicial Branch – State and U.S. Supreme Courts


Contact information (office address, phone numbers, email address) is available for any national or state officials representing you at the CitizenLink Legislative Action Center (http://capwiz.com/fof/home/).


7.)    Get Involved in a grassroots faith-based movement

a.        For example, in the state of Alabama – CCA Involvement http://www.ccbama.org/AreasofInvolvementwithCC.htm

8.)    Listen for any specific direction the LORD may give you!


Below are some excellent on-line resources that can help in each of these areas. If you do not have access to the Internet at work or home, please visit a local public library and view these sites to both respond and be better informed of this judicial battle of historic consequence.


Action Pages to help Respond:

Dr. Dobson – Action Center                    http://www.family.org/cforum/extras/a0027493.cfm

Grassfire.net – Petition/Letters               http://www.grassfire.net/36/petition.asp

Renew America – Petitions                     http://www.renewamerica.us/news/030820petitions.htm

Judicial Crisis – Bills/Legislation              http://www.family.org/cforum/judicial_tyranny/take_action.cfm

CitizenLink Legislative Action Contacts  http://capwiz.com/fof/home/

Spirit of Montgomery                               http://www.spiritofmontgomery.org/action.html

Concerned Women for America



Some On-Line Resources to help Inform:

Alabama Strategic Prayer Network        http://www.AL-USSPN.injesus.com  (includes links below and others)

Chief Justice Roy Moore                         http://opinionjournal.com/editorial/feature.html?id=110003926

Dr. James Dobson                                   http://www.family.org/webextras/A0027494.cfm

Judicial Crisis                                          http://www.family.org/cforum/judicial_tyranny

Renew America – Alan Keyes               http://www.renewamerica.us

Concerned Women for America             http://www.cwfa.org

Spirit of Montgomery                               http://www.spiritofmontgomery.org

Grassfire.net                                           http://www.grassfire.net

Faith and Action                                      http://www.faithandaction.org

Christian Coalition of Alabama                http://www.ccbama.org

Christian Defense Coalition                     http://www.christiandefensecoalition.net

Retaking America                                    http://www.retakingamerica.com

Foundation for Moral Law                       http://www.morallaw.org

Restore the Commandments                   http://www.restorethecommandments.com


Free Video (DVD or VHS) to help Inform:

Our Birthright (DVD, VHS)                      http://www.calvaryassembly.org/call/Request.htm



A shift in the courts of this nation would ripple through many past rulings in a profound way – impact could eventually include rights regarding, protection of marriage, the unborn (abortion on demand), pornography, and other issues. Momentum will shift dramatically with the national recognition of the constitutional right of the state to acknowledge God publicly. Please, let your voice be heard!


May the Gates of Justice open wide!

 Let justice run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.”




Some additional contact information




Contact the White House

The comment line is (202) 456-1111, and the switchboard is (202) 456-1414.




CWA urges all citizens to call the offices of the justices of the Alabama Supreme Court, Governor Bob Riley, and Attorney General Bill Pryor.


Gov. Riley has the authority to order the office open, and Attorney General Pryor has the authority to drop all charges against Justice Moore. (Attorney General Pryor has also been nominated to the 11th Circuit Court, a nomination we should all be watching very closely.)


Contact the Governor and Attorney General of Alabama

Governor Bob Riley: (334) 242-7100

Attorney General Bill Pryor: (334) 242-7300


Contact the Associate Judges on the Alabama Supreme Court

Justice Gorman Houston (Senior Associate Justice): (334) 242-4588

Justice Harold See: (334) 242-4608

Justice Champ Lyons: (334) 242-4352

Justice Jean Brown: (334) 242-4245

Justice Bernard Harwood: (334) 242-4594

Justice Tom Woodall: (334) 242-4578

Justice Lyn Stuart: (334) 242-4585

Justice Douglas Johnstone: (334) 242-4598




Gorman Houston Jr. — (334) 242-4587

Harold See — (334) 242-1001

Champ Lyons — (334) 242-4351

Jean Brown — (334) 353-4244

Bernard Harwood — (334) 242-4593

Tom Woodall — 334) 242-4579

Lyn Stuart —(334) 242-4584

Douglass Johnstone —(334) 242-4597


Contact the Court of the Judiciary

These judges and attorneys will determine if Chief Justice Moore should be further disciplined over his refusal to obey a federal court order to remove the Ten Commandments monument. Please call them and let them know that you support the legal stand taken by Justice Moore.


Chief Judge William C. Thompson, Court of Civil Appeals, 300 Dexter Ave. Montgomery, AL 36130-1560, (334) 242-4095

David A. Rains, Circuit Judge, Ninth Judicial Circuit, County Courthouse, Third Floor Fort Payne, AL 35967, (256) 927-5452

John V. Denson, Attorney at Law, P.O. Box 2345 Opelika, AL 36803, (334) 745-3504 x208

Robert G. Kendall, Circuit Judge, Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Courtroom 8600, 205 Government St. Mobile, AL 36644-2618, (251) 574-8457

James L. North, Attorney at Law, 300 21st St. North, Suite 700, Birmingham, AL 35203, (205) 251-0252

John J. Dobson, District Judge, 220 2nd Ave. East, Room 209, Oneonta, AL 35121 (205) 625-4160

William D. Melton, Attorney at Law, P.O. Drawer 800 , Evergreen, AL 36401-0800, (251) 578-2423


Continue to pray for and encourage Chief Justice Moore

Chief Justice Moore has requested that supporters simply pray that God's will be done in this case. You also can leave a message of support at the Supreme Court of Alabama by calling (334) 242-4609