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Informed Intercession - Fervent Prayer and Decisive Action
The following information is provided in an effort to help further inform for prayer, voter registration, or other specific areas of decision and action.

Please look over the available resources below, and take personal responsibility to understand those who share your values and convictions and then let your voice and vote be heard.

Exhortation from the Ministry of Justice at the Gate

The following information was distributed nationally by the ministry of Justice at the Gate. Please be aware that in the state of Alabama it is required you be registered 10 days prior to the election. Additional details are also available through the Office of the Secratary of State - State of Alabama. -- Redeem the Vote, through the influence of leading Christian musical artists, aims to reach America's young people of faith and engage them in the 2004 election where voters will determine the direction of cultural issues that impact their lives. -- Have friends who want to register to vote, but you don't know how to get them a voter registration card? Send them to this website where they can fill out the form online and follow the instructions to register! -- This website gives a three-step plan on what you should do this election: 1. Pray about who to vote for. 2. Vote for who God leads you to vote for. 3. Pray for our next elected leaders. -- A growing coalition of churches and community prayer leaders is calling pastors, prayer coordinators, congregations, and networks throughout each state and region to set aside a 40-day period between September 24 and November 2, 2004, for corporate fasting, prayer, repentance and seeking the face of God. Derek Prince said, "The most powerful weapon is not prayer and fasting -- it is collective prayer and fasting."  If there ever way a time in the history of our nation that we need the power of "collective prayer and fasting," it is now.  Our desire is to “stand in the gap” for our communities, regions, states, and nation as it passes through a time of war and perhaps the most critical national election of our lifetime. For more information on how to participate in this, visit the website! -- The vision is to mobilize 1 million Christian young adults to vote, pray and recruit 10 other Christian young adults who have never registered to do the same. This is a part of Lou Engle's outreach with The Cause USA. -- Citizen Leader Coalition is a new organization, dedicated to restoring America's constitutional government and founding principles. It is especially focused on reaching young people with its educational and civic engagement programs. In summary, they want young people to understand America's founding principles and to become engaged in defending these founding principles, as written in the Constitution of the United States. They also have a powerful comparison of the two presidential candidates that would be beneficial for anyone! ( -- So here's the question: Does the candidate you plan to vote for share your values? The mission of this group is to help you register to vote, encourage you to register a friend, and then equip you to vote your valuesbecause how you vote today impacts tomorrow. -- These fact sheets are packed with valuable information and statistics to help you handle any of the hot issues of today. FASTFACTS are published by the CENTER FOR RECLAIMING AMERICA, an Outreach of Coral Ridge Ministries, to inform citizens and offer vital resources so you can take a stand in your community.

Not every state has the same timeframe for when citizens must be registered to vote. To find out what your state's deadline is, you can find a link to your Secretary of State's Election division at . Also on your state's webpage, be sure to look at times when you can take part in early voting. In some states, you can vote early for any reason and in other states, you must meet certain qualifications. If you know that you are going to be out of town on Nov. 2, please find out about early voting in your state and how you can cast your vote before you leave -- either at an early voting polling location or by absentee ballot. 

Justice at the Gate
"Building strategic partnerships to mobilize Christians to pray effectively and vote righteously"

Civil Rights Comparison of Democrats and Republicans
in Their Own Words

This booklet is a look at the history of the two major political party's views and actions on civil rights from 1840-1964. It is a side by side comparison of the platforms of the two parties and also includes historical information (including record votes for key civil rights legislation) to help citizens of faith make informed decisions about their involvement in, and voting for, a political party. Download PDF

Biblical Comparison of Democrats and Republicans
in Their Own Words

A national party platform is a document produced every four years by the representatives of a political party during it's national convention to nominate a presidential candidate. The platform declares to the public that party's vision, beliefs and values, and its legislative plan and policy positions on important issues of the day. Download PDF

Additional Resources Available

Voter Guides and Surveys -These are resources to help inform where candidates stand on specifc issues. Please find the issues that express your convictions and vote accordingly!

Voter Guides
Alabama Voter Guides (by County)
Alabama Judicial Voter Guide PDF

2003 Congressional Voting Records PDF
Presidential Guide PDF
Presidential Guide PDF
Presidential Comparison PDF
Presidential Comparison PDF
Presidential Comparison PDF
Christian Coalition of Alabama
CitizenLink (Focus on the Family)

Christian Coalition of America
Christian Coalition of America
Citizen Leader Coalition
National Right to Life Committee
Minnesota Family Institute
Pennsylvania Family Institute
Organization Website

Key Races - Voter Issues
CitizenLink Key Races

Early Voting Information - Early and absentee voting information and details are provided here for every state including dates and specific options.

Voting Issues: - Wallbuilders and David Barton provide a tremendous resource with rich history, quotes of founding fathers, resources for voting, registering, informing, and more.


Evangelical Christian Vote in 2000 (according to the Pew Research Center):
Almost half of America's 59 million evangelical Christians did not even register to vote.
Only 15 million of the 35 million who were registered went to the polls.
So, only 25% of evangelical Christians voted in 2000 (an election decided by slightly over 500 votes).

One Vote matters:
By One Vote - Texas was admitted to the Union in 1845 by a single vote.
By One Vote - Hitler won leadership of the German Nazi Party in 1923
By One Vote - The US House of Representatives, in 1801, elected Thomas Jefferson as President of the United States
By One Vote - In 1941, the Selective Service Act (the draft) was saved by a one-vote margin just weeks before Pearl Harbor was attacked
In 2000, George W. Bush won the most contentious presidential election in American history. It sparked a 36-day crisis ended by a 5-4 vote of the Supreme Court, that allowed Bush to carry the state of Florida by a mere 537 votes and thereby become president!

At stake Nov 2nd:
Office of the President, 11 Governors, 34 U.S. Senators, and all 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives (and some number of U.S. Supreme Court seats through the next President)

Several Quotes:

”When you become entitled to exercise the right of voting for public officers, let it be impressed on your mind that God commands you to choose for rulers, "just men who will rule in the fear of God." The preservation of government depends on the faithful discharge of this duty;” - Noah Webster

“In selecting men for office, let principle be your guide. Regard not the particular sect or denomination of the candidate--look to his character.” - Noah Webster

”The time has come that Christians must vote for honest men, and take consistent ground in politics … God will not sustain this free and blessed nation, which we love and pray for, unless the church will take right ground … Christians must do their duty to the country as part of their duty to God. It seems that and times our national foundations are crumbling, and Christians seem to act as if they think God does not see what they do in politics. But I tell you, He does see it, and He will bless or curse this nation according to the course Christians take!” – Rev Charles Finney (revivalist in 2/3 Great Awakening, College President)

“Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual--or at least that he ought not so to do; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country.” - Samuel Adams

”Should things go wrong at any time, the people will set them to rights by the peaceable exercise of their elective rights.” - Thomas Jefferson

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke

Exhortation from the Ministry of Francis Frangipane

To Vote or Not to Vote

If you are a citizen of a nation where you have been given the privilege of voting, we believe the following information will help your voting decision.  Please notice there is a link following this message where Americans can register to vote and also have an absentee ballot sent to their home.

Francis Frangipane and Staff

The following information came from Focus on the Family and The Family Resource Council

All the candidates sound the same, is there any real difference?

It may seem that there's not much difference between candidates. However, many times there is a radical difference when it comes to a candidate's position on life, family, and freedom issues, such as:

  • Abortion Rights (cleverly disguised as "pro-choice," but in reality it's "pro death").
  • Bio-Medical Issues (e.g., human cloning, harvesting stem cells from human embryos which in fact kills pre-born babies, etc.)
  • Euthanasia (i.e., right-to-die movement, infanticide, physician-assisted suicide, etc.)
    Gambling (e.g., lottery, casinos, video poker - which especially hurt the poor who participate, encourage crime, etc.)
  • Homosexual Agenda (i.e., the push to normalize, legitimize, and legalize homosexuality through same-sex "marriage," same-sex adoption rights, propaganda in public schools, legislation declaring it a civil right, etc.)
  • Religious Liberty (i.e., freedom of expression in government institutions, public schools, etc., when it comes to Ten Commandments displays, public nativity scenes, voluntary prayer, religious speech, etc.).

Does the office of president have any real influence on the direction of our nation?

Yes. Consider the fact that the person elected president will appoint federal judges, and perhaps Supreme Court justices, who will serve for life and influence faith and family issues for generations to come. Consider the power and reach of the judiciary in the following examples:

  • The Federal Appeals Court which recently ruled that public school student' recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional because it contains two words: "Under God."
  • The U.S. Supreme Court, which recently opened the door to homosexual "marriage" when the majority declared state laws against sodomy illegal and essentially established homosexuality as a constitutional right.

Register to Vote:

Request an Absentee Ballot:

Sobering Letter from a Pastor - Intercessors for America


IFA Board Member, Larry Tomczak, in this brief article, underscores how vital our vote in the coming election is. We're rushing his timely comments to you because the window for registering is nearly closed. Please register if you have not done so, and encourage your friends and family. - John Beckett, Chairman

Sobering Letter from a Pastor

Last week I was returning to Atlanta from a ministry trip in another state. Going to the airport, a twenty-something young man seated behind me in the van related the following account of his pregnant wife's recent death. "While driving home at night, I simply dozed off for a few seconds. Rebounding, I found myself drifting into the next lane and then it was too late. The truck hit her side and I lost the love of my life. and our first child."

Tragedies happen. Some can be prevented, others can't. Wisdom dictates we always be vigilant. In pivotal times, it is imperative that we don't let our guard down.

Election 2004 is only a matter of weeks away. Are we ready? Do we grasp the significance of the moment? After 9/11 we knew we had our "wake up call" - but how many have pushed the snooze alarm and drifted back to sleep?

Recently I returned from another ministry trip to Amsterdam where I had a second "wake up call" and a preview of where America is headed if we don't vote our values and mobilize morality-minded masses. To register and then go to the ballot box on November 2nd is our Christian duty as "salt" and "light." Good government comes from good leadership. "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan" (Prov 29:2).
Consider the following:

Amsterdam, Holland is the launch pad for our nation. Remember where our first settlers came from? The Dutch explorer Hudson first came to New York - officially called "New Netherlands." New York City was "New Amsterdam." Brooklyn. Harlem. the Hudson.. Pennsylvania Dutch. derive their names from our early ancestors. And what was Holland known for then which continues today?


Tolerance used to mean "respect for other's beliefs." Today it means "respect for others conduct." In other words: there is no absolute standard of morality. "Every man does what is right in his own eyes" (Jdg 17:6).

Taken to an extreme, where does this ideology lead? Presently in Amsterdam I observed:

  • Abortion - legal and promoted
  • Euthanasia - legal and promoted
  • Same-sex marriage - legal and promoted
  • Drugs - legal and promoted (stop by your "Starbucks" equivalent and get some "hashish" with your mocha frappuchino)
  • Sex shows and pornography - legal and promoted
  • Prostitution - legal and promoted (27,000 "registered" ladies sitting in windows like display items at Old Navy)
  • Homosexuality and lesbianism - legal and promoted
  • Age of consent - lowered to twelve (12)
  • Gambling - legal and promoted
  • Sex-change operations (they call them "gender reassignments") - legal and promoted and subsidized by the government
  • "Burnout" or five-year drop out from work (due to depression) totally financed by tax dollars. Rampant and escalating. Most get "full salary" and can renew in five-year cycles for the rest of their lives!

Upon returning from Amsterdam a Christian commented: "That's the future of America."

I agree - unless we stand strong and pray, fast, elect godly leaders and resist passivity like a plague.
Consider the following:

According to the Pew Research Center, in 2000 almost half of America's 59 million evangelical Christians did not even register to vote. And only 15 million of the 35 million who were registered went to the polls.

What remains?

The reality: only 25% of evangelical Christians voted in 2000 (an election decided by slightly over 500 votes!). Another reality: we can't prevail in the battle for our nation's future, our families and our faith if Christians sit on the sidelines. The stakes are incredibly high!

This election is not primarily about Republican versus Democrat. It's about two different worldviews! The two leaders hold completely different positions on the issues below:

  • War on terror
  • Sanctity of human life
  • Protecting the institution of marriage
  • Judicial appointments
  • Preserving references to God
  • Morality based on biblical standards vs. popular positions. political correctness. TOLERANCE
In Sweden a court recently sentenced a pastor to one month in prison for offending homosexuals in a sermon (citing Bible verses on the subject was called "hate speech").

In Germany a court recently decided two parents many not educate their children at home for reasons of faith or conscience, but must send them to state-registered schools.

In America. I hear the alarm ringing and see the storm clouds gathering.

As Election Day nears, I appeal to you: Pray. Stay informed. Stay involved. VOTE. We are at a crossroads. This is no time to be "asleep at the wheel."

"It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here." - Patrick Henry

Larry Tomczak, Senior Pastor
Christ the King Church of Atlanta

Tel 540-751-0980, Fax 540-751-0984
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Informed Intercession - Fervent Prayer and Decisive Action